I'm Going To Make Video Games

What’s up stranger! My name is Adrian Eufracio. Now that your not a stranger let me tell you what I am doing here on Patreon in my life. I am Web Developer by trade but I have a secret. I really want to make an amazing video game.

I have never tried to make a game or even wanted to until just recently. I came across a series of Game Animators and Programmers twitters profiles (nonplayercat, minionsart, and ionlands) and I have fallen in love with Video games all over again.

On Patreon I plan to share my journey of game development the good and the bad. I will be live streaming all of my learning and game dev. process and I will make a weekly development vlog or dvlog to give a summary of the progress I made that week.

I am going to fudge up a lot but I am passionate about building my own little worlds with the power of code, voxels, and hopefully you.