Be a developer... IT'S EASY!

Do you know how easy we have it? Let me back it up a little. We used to live in a time where jobs were scarce, money was a distant object that was impossible to grasp. To put it simply times were fucking tough but now there’s the Internet and with the Internet we have chances that we never had before.

We can do things on Internet that make us money! We can make things on the Internet, cook on the internet, do a hobby on the internet, learn how to code on the Internet or learn how to develop the Internet itself. And then there are companies hiring people to make stuff on the Internet or make stuff to sell on the internet. By stuff I mean websites, web apps, stuffed toy pandas, tshirts, pants for weightligters, anime videos.

There so many opportunities and people do not understand. People don’t understand this because they’re not aware of it or not exposed to it. Most of society is still stuck in a culture where they are living a life based off old ideals. You’re gonna be a lawyer or you’re gonna be a doctor but that’s a narrow minded way to look at your career options. Thats because you don’t know how easy the Internet is and how much opportunity the Internet has. The chances of you becoming successful on the Internet are a 1,000,000 times greater than being successful as a Doctor or Lawyer. When I talk about success I am talking about happiness. You’re gonna be a lot happier at something you love and you can do that on the Internet.

Now if you go on the Internet and go to a website of any company, they will have a job openings link. Look at how many developers are hiring. They’re always trying to hire developers because the Internet is where all the money is at. The future is in the Internet whether that be artificial intelligence, virtual reality, communication. Almost every job relies on the Internet so understand this open your mind and realize you’re just a couple of months of studying away from a entry level developer job. Oh and guess what?! You will learn how to become a developer on the Internet because if you want it bad enough and you are dedicated there is nothing you can’t learn on the world wide web that you can learn at a University. School is a system that works for some people and doesn’t work for others. We have the chance to do anything we want and use our imagination and our natural skills.

If you want to do something go on the internet there’s a job for it. This started off as post about how easy it is to become a developer today in 2017 but it turned into how easy it is to make a living on the internet doing what you love.